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Los Angeles, California

Borgnine’s Coffee Soda is back by popular demand!

In honor of her father, film legend Ernest Borgnine, Nancee Borgnine has launched her famous, award winning coffee soda to share with new audiences.

In the late 1990’s, Borgnine’s Coffee Soda was created and enjoyed all around the world, from Hollywood parties, to lunches at the Pentagon, and across the Pacific Ocean in Japan.

Served straight from the bottle, over ice cream, or mixed with your favorite liquor, Borgnine’s is popular with all ages. It is brewed and bottled from a special family recipe that has been passed down from Ms. Borgnine’s grandmother, an Italian Countess. Over time, bartenders found that Borgnine’s Coffee Soda proved to be a perfect mix for cocktails and frozen drinks. Two of the more famous drinks that have been created in honor of Ernest Borgnine’s films are the Ice Station Zebra and the Poseidon Adventure.

The quality of the coffee soda has always been a top priority for the Borgnines. Only the finest ingredients, including real coffee and cane sugar, are used to produce this fresh, original refreshment. It is brewed and bottled to precise specifications which make it uniquely designed and manufactured for the utmost in taste, flavor, quality, and appearance. The caffeine in Borgnine’s Coffee Soda is equivalent to an eight ounce cup of coffee, giving you the perfect boost of energy at any time of day.

You no longer have to be in Hollywood to enjoy a refreshing break with Borgnine’s Coffee Soda. It is now available, once again, worldwide!

Nancee Borgnine will be touring some of the most popular food shows and conventions across America to share her coffee soda with the world. If you are attending a convention where Borgnine’s Coffee Soda is featured, introduce yourself to the Superstar of coffee sodas: Borgnine’s!




“This nonalcoholic beverage, bubbles and foams like champagne. It’s great over ice cream as a float, with Kahlua, Baily’s Irish cream and flavored creamers.”
– LA Times

“Borgnine’s Coffee soda is a giant hit!”

– Daily Variety

“Coffee and soda fanciers take note of an innovative new drink … an excellent coffee soda made of italian roast coffee.”
– Daily News